Adalene love perfume balm


Adalene love perfume balm


Adalene love perfume balm: 1 ounce of moisturizing solid perfume divinely scented with jasmine, neroli, bergamot, lavender, sandalwood and the barest hint of green patchouli. All in a silky certified organic base of jojoba, sweet almond and castor oils with beeswax for body.

Adalene love perfume balm uses heat from your body to release the scent.  Free of parabens, glycols, pegs, gluten, phthalates, and artificial dyes.

Directions: Apply on pulse points- wrists, neck, temples.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil,* Jojoba Oil,* Castor Oil,* Beeswax,* Essential Oil Blend of Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Patchouli,* Lavender,* and Bergamot.*

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient

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A 12 year old boy rides his bike to an airfield in sunny California. He learns to fly before he can drive. Five years later, a White Russian émigreé flees for Shanghai where she meets and falls in love with a dashing American airman. Fate tears them apart and he returns Stateside where he dances with an ambitious Virginia farm girl who fancies velvets and brocades and mows the sun-warmed lawn in gilded hot pants. She is The One. And she wears the same fragrance as the lost love in Shanghai.

Adalene love perfume balm is a tribute to the path that brought my style icon grandmother together with my grandfather shortly after WWII. The scent chronicles their respective journeys and is a testament to their unconditional love.

Adalene love perfume balm both combine the exotic jasmine of the Orient with the fresh lavender and grass smells of the Southern countryside. Bright bergamot and exquisite neroli hint at the orange groves of namesake Orange County California where Granddaddy learned to fly. The heady floral and citrus notes settle into a glorious marriage of smoky sandalwood and sensual “sneak attack” patchouli that give the lasting depth to this glorious fragrance.

Let Them Wear Green: Pure. Powerful. Perfume.
Let Them Wear Green is the first organic fragrance line to incorporate the benefits of flower essences into its formulations to fuse the power of botanicals with the benefits of pure essential oils.

The result? Divinely delicious fragrances with not a drop of synthetics. Organic essential oils with natural benefits for both your health and mindset.Flower essences soothe your psyche and uplift your spirits.

Why organic? At Let Them Wear Green, we can’t think of a single good reason to dab chemicals on our pulse points several times per day. We love fragrance and skin care so much but believe that the entire supply chain (from farm producers to our fragrance wearers and those around us) benefits when our products are pure, organic, and green.

To us, green is a necessity, not a luxury and our hope is that everyone will soon jump on our green bandwagon. After all, Let Them Wear Green!