My fave way to work with clients is through a 1:1 customized process based on your goals or via small group retreats. If you're not sure I'm your peep, then just mosey over here to see if you vibe with me. 

Custom 1:1 packages start at $25,000.

Beginning in autumn 2015 I'm offering another way for us to work/play together. It looks like this: 


You have a specific opportunity, desired outcome or goal. 

We get together for three hour-ish long sessions (usually on video chat) to decide on deliverables.

Then we have a long day in NYC, upstate NY (or another other fab spot) where we hash out said deliverables.

Finally, we close with a wrap up session within a few weeks. 

Why this structure? 

  • I believe in speed. Just last weekend my friend/client Kacy mapped out and designed the creative direction for her new website. It had been languishing for months on the "to do" list. Now she's ready to launch this puppy- after one weekend! Don't worry- I'll link to it in the next few weeks. 
  • I believe in you. Long, drawn out engagements can become a crutch. And that's the last thing you need. If I may be so bold, you need action, a strategic thought partner and an outsider's perspective, not an accountability buddy. You've got that part covered. 
  • It's good economics. Not everyone wants/needs a full on change management process for her business. This approach allows me to work with business owners at all levels. 

The cost of four sessions and one day long meeting is $2800. 


For those who do want a little bit of room to check in on progress and further refine, I offer a monthly session plus unlimited email feedback for $500/month after the initial engagement. 

Sound good? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill out my client intake questionnaire. 

Want to know more? Read along for more about you! 


You are a not-by-the-book kinda person. And I'm not a by-the-book kinda consultant. 


Most of my clients are experiencing: 

  1. A desire to achieve more (even though they're already mad successful).
  2. A pivot of some sort. Maybe you've just exited from a company you took to $1b. Perhaps you're ready for a bigger challenge. Or it's time to give back.
  3. A personal or professional shift that requires some added attention and possibly support.

Some of you will make radical changes during our work together. Others will make seemingly "small" external changes but rather massive ones on the inside.


Clients have called me "brilliant," "a business shrink," and "a life saver." 

But really, I'm a facilitator.

I help you redefine and achieve further success on your terms.

If you've read my clients page and think we're kindred spirits, bueno. If you're more in the window shopping mode, then why not watch this video that describes a little bit of my approach to growth?


Some of you will want to know about the nuts and bolts of coaching. 


Here's how I explain my process:

  • Results-oriented, some tough love, and healthy amounts of humor
  • Time spent outside of official "coaching conversations" is often where the good stuff happens, perhaps over a fabulous dinner and wine or a great hike. 
  •  Speed is important. We both move fast. Momentum matters.
  • You'll learn tools to take with you long after our engagement comes to a close.
  • I include access to my resources- people, IP, technology in service of your personal goals.
  • Is the focus business or life? I've advised multi-nationals, CEOs and politicians on strategy, diet, wardrobe and relationships. It's symbiotic. We approach your business and life holistically.
  • Intuition, an inner life, and purpose. We examine and cultivate these.


And now a word about structure: 

Each person is different, with different goals and pacing and processes. 

I prefer to speak with you first to get a sense of your desired outcomes and propose a few different ways that you can achieve those outcomes through our work together.

Some clients choose to participate in private and semi-private two and three day retreats with me at The Arboleda, a gorgeous villa on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. 


If you're interested in working together, please fill out the form below. 

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