I created the Magnetism Factor as a methodology for the specific needs of high profile clients. Politicians. Speakers on stage and on camera. Authors. Philanthropists. Celebrity yoga teachers.

The reason? Because being in the spotlight means you experience life and business in the spotlight. And you need the tools and perspective to maintain and grow your very visible passions as you maintain and grow your private life.

You. Lead.

Your family, your employees, your friends, your audience. Sometimes you think you didn’t ask for this, but other times you realize that you were born for it.

And not in a “someone’s gotta do this shit” kind of way either.

You actually love the spotlight, whatever that looks like. You thrive on it.

That used to worry you.

You wondered if you sought out that spotlight just to satisfy your ego.

But really, when you drill down and get real with yourself, you love the spotlight.

It’s where you come alive, even if it does still scare the shit out of you sometimes. But for some reason lately, it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. And the stakes are getting higher. The stages bigger.

You are about to take another huge step in your career.

Lately, as you step away from being “on” you no longer have the post-performance adrenaline rush or the glow that reminds you that you are, indeed, alive.

Frankly, it kinda sucks.

Because even though you are often surrounded by amazing people who believe in you and your work, you are finding it more and more difficult to connect- to them, to yourself, to your work.

What gives?

You know you are here for something big.

You have a litany of public accolades and achievements to prove it.

The dollar signs are a by-product. It was never really about the money (or, at least now it isn’t). The money has just been a tool, though it is great!


It’s like you’ve lost that loving feeling. And you want it back.

But you’ve tried everything you know: making more money, writing another book, starting another company. Hell, you even tried sky diving!

You also know that you’ve been holding out (a little bit) on yourself. You know you have a 6th gear. And that even with all this success, you’ve probably only been hanging out in 4th. Deep down, when you really think about, you know there is more.

But then the buts come:

But what if I’m not good enough?

But what would happen if they really knew me?

I can’t bring my full self to this work.

But what if my audience doesn’t like the next phase?

What if they don’t love me anymore?

If you’re successful, a leader, if you’ve achieved your goals and you’re financially secure, then why aren’t you happier?

Why aren’t you psyched for this next phase?

You’ve done coaching, some therapy, heck you even coach and mentor others. You’ve achieved major milestones and you’re still not sure it’s enough.

You see the bigger vision that is ahead. But frankly you’re struggling.

: You want to feel whole, happy, fulfilled, connected.

: You want greater joy out of whatever you choose to do.

: You want to show up for the next amazing project.

: You want to be fulfilled and part of something bigger.

: You want to be energized as you move through your day and relationships.

: You want to re-connect with family and friends in meaningful way.

: You want to develop (for yourself) a new metric by which to measure success.

You are ready to shift into the next gear.

And, by the way, you want to experience this shift quickly. Yeah. Like yesterday. (You’ve always done things quickly.)

Ultimately, this is about being the best version of yourself. But getting it done so you can get on with your business and life. You’re ready to bridge the gap between who you present to the world and who you really are.

You’re ready for the next level of success. And this time, you want it to be graceful.

If this sounds like where you are (and I know you can picture where you want to go) then let’s get started with the MQ Test.

If you’re more of the git ‘er done type, then let’s jump straight to the Magnetism Factor Accelerator.