REVERENCEREVENUE_Banner Reverence + Revenue began as a concept during my interview with author Danielle LaPorte. Then it became a two day live retreat broadcast to viewers around the world. We created over 20 amazing hours of content useful for business owners at all levels AND got the inspiration for more in-depth courses.

You can still access both the videos and audios of the first Reverence + Revenue retreat, and below you'll find the schedule of deep-dive programs and workshops I'm offering in 2013/2014 that expand on and flesh out some of the concepts that we got started during the first R+R Retreat.


Become the CEO of your company: How to take off the many hats you're wearing, delegate with direction, and grow your business to the next level

Do you feel like a solo-entrepreneur who's constantly reinventing the wheel and wish this could all be easier?

Are you worried that you don't have enough revenue to hire the right talent to help you grow?

Is your to-do list growing like crazy but it doesn't feel like you can add anything more to your schedule?

If you're a busy business owner with a growing company, chances are that you occasionally feel overwhelmed. I designed this workshop to walk you through the crucial elements for expansion with ease.

In this four hour work shop, we'll discover:

  • The 10 types of help you need as an entrepreneur
  • Values and mission alignment that are vital before choosing the right support team 
  • Seven hats you wear as CEO and which roles you can delegate first
  • The Venn diagram you must master to be a successful leader
  • The delegation dance: learning the art of prioritizing and passing on tasks

Based on my signature talk of the same title, this workshop gives us an opportunity to work through each concept in real time so that you have the opportunity to ask questions, engage with fellow business owners, and act on what you are learning immediately.

Includes a 30 minute bonus class with operations expert Amber McCue of

You may participate in this workshop either in person or virtually. Virtual attendees will be able to engage using social media and will have a dedicated tech person during the day to ensure seamless interaction with the in-person attendees.

Other goodies:

  • Pre-class workbook for masterminding your expansion
  • A vetted list of vendors for filling your team needs
  • Amber's xXXXX
  • Dedicated fb group to ask crucial questions, get feedback and expand your network
  • In-person attendees receive healthy snacks, drinks, and celebratory cocktails at the conclusion of the event
  • All attendees (virtual and in-person) receive a sweet swag bag with goodies from sponsors including: KIND snacks, B Spa Bar, the Luxe Organic, with a total value of over $
  • The option to add a strategy session with Lauren for only $250.

Wednesday July 10 3 pm to 7:30 pm with a half hour break

In person seat: $250 or two for $400

Virtual seat: $200 or two for $300



Magnetic Networking: How to cultivate powerful relationships with influencers, clients, and colleagues in any situation

During this live interactive workshop,  Magnetism expert Lauren Fritsch reveals the secrets to navigating social and business situations with ease and grace. Think of these tenets as networking 3.0; Lauren teaches advanced techniques to empower you to be the best possible version of yourself and gives you tangible tools to engage with strangers, acquaintances and friends alike.

You'll learn:

  • why the elevator pitch is dead and what has taken its place
  • the keys to getting others to follow up with you
  • tools to master the art of the introduction
  • what to do when you space on someone's name
  • how to craft an email that places you on par with the recipient
  • the best ways to approach VIPs, idols, and celebrities
  • three things the best collaborators do to nurture their networking eco-systems
  • your key Magnetism Factors and how to use them to attract win/win situations and relationships

The Magnetic Networking workshop is an in-person event in New York City. It's ideal for business owners, creatives, executives, and sales professionals who value their networks for creating new opportunities, partnerships, and friendships.

Magnetic Networking is a 2.5 hour workshop that includes networking time to practice and integrate your new skills. (That means cocktails  and nibbles included.)

Attend in-person : $95 or two tickets for $150

Attend virtually: $75 or two tickets for $100

Next workshop: July






Own Your Audience: How to speak spontaneously, connect with your crowd, and leave them wanting more

Ever want to feel great speaking to a large (or small) group of people without feeling dependent on notes, slides or memorization?

Do you long to feel comfortable in the spotlight?

Is public speaking part of your business strategy?

If you're looking to be a paid public speaker, then you'll love the Own Your Audience workshop. Over the course of seventeen years, executive coach and business stylist Lauren Fritsch has spoken extemporaneously over 1000 times.

She's tackled tough subjects like eating disorders, presented sales team trainings to multi-million dollar producing sales teams, and navigated board rooms with ease. Noted for her preference to speak without slides or notes, Lauren has developed a unique story-telling speaking style that conveys a compelling message, facilitates knowledge transfer, and transports her audience through an emotional landscape, ultimately delivering them to her desired outcome: both empowerment and action.

This very physical four hour workshop will take you from so-so to spectacular speaker. You'll cover:

  • The key elements to owning your stage
  • Physical exercises to enhance your speaking voice and delivery
  • Why body language is more important than your words and how to use yours to achieve your desired outcomes
  • The three part secret to spontaneous content that lands with an audience
  • What to do when you freak out (and you will freak out)
  • Selling from the stage without being smarmy
  • Crafting a talk that delivers the goods and whets your audience's appetite for more


This workshop will also include work with Ron Karr, the President Emeritus of the National Speakers Association, who will address how to make speaking part of your business model.

This workshop is not for the faint of heart. We will be moving around a lot, taking risks with our presentation, doing activities that might feel uncomfortable, and otherwise getting out of our heads and into our bodies so that we can be powerful speakers. It is possible to do this workshop virtually, but we recommend watching with at least one other person so that you can do the interactive portions together.


In person: $395 or two for $595

Virtual: $295 or two for $500



CX that Kicks A$$: Crafting a consumer experience that turns browsers into  your biggest fans



Content Marketing that Kicks A$$: Creating a cross-channel content strategy to transport and transform your community through powerful storytelling







Who wears the pants? Being a powerful and feminine woman when you're surrounded by men







Beautiful Business Breakthrough Virginia

Beautiful Business Breakthrough NYC

Mastermind launch



Tulum retreat

Mastermind Dominican Republic



SXSWinteractive with Style

SXSW newbies and veterans alike will love staying together at a centrally located apartment in Downtown Austin and sinking their teeth into all that SXSWinteractive has to offer. Events like SXSW can ignite serious #FOMO but with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs out to savor the experience, you'll have fun, make new friends, and enjoy having a homey space to retreat to when you're ready to wind down (or just get down to business).


Cost: $250 per night for single occupancy or $140 per night double occupancy.


Cost includes healthy house snacks and drinks!



Mastermind Keswick





















Landing Corporate Contracts: Finding, selling and serving corporate clients with ease





Up Your Magnetism Factor:



CX that Kicks A$$: How to build excellent consumer experience into the fabric of your business so that your customers sell themselves

Content Creation that Kicks A$$: How to take your customers on a transformational journey that creates fans for life

Do we have to wear the pants? Powerful leadership training for hot, sassy women in male-dominated businesses

Yoga|Leader: Leadership lessons from the mat for entrepreneurs of all kinds





Heart + Hand Marketing: Using your heart line to craft a marketing strategy that makes sense


Cash Alignment: Embracing your status


Natalie MacNeil


Cheryl Heppard