"I could talk with (and listen to) Lauren all day long. She's that talented."

- Kacy Paide, TheInspiredOffice.com

Lauren is a multi-talented business owner who’s marched to the beat of her own (very stylish) drum since she quit her first (and last) real job in 2004. She is one of the only life coaches who makes six figures via her boutique coaching firm; she maintains a corporate coaching company that specializes in sales and marketing strategies (that generate massive profits for small privately held companies); and she pretty much rocks at teaching yoga, writing and throwing parties. If you don’t know her already, you’re in for a wild ride.

- Racheal Cook, RachealCook.com

Lauren Fritsch is the real deal. Her down to earth energy plus sharp as a tack business know-how is a win-win. There's no BS or pretense with her. How freakin' refreshing is that? With Lauren on my team, I'm not settling for good enough.

- Victoria Prozan, VictoriaProzan.com


I use [Lauren's tool] the JMM all the time now ... every project is planned using it. Every marketing decision is gauged by where it falls on my JMM. I use it with my clients to help them make decisions in their business model and their marketing ... in everything.

- Beth Grant, ArchetypeAlignment.com


What Lauren has created is insightful, holding, healing, clarifying and full of possibility...a place to connect the dots and rearrange the entire picture.


- Elana Slott, creator of Conscious Conception

I adore Lauren and often refer to her as the genius and here she is again creating something remarkable.

- Jennifer Urezzio, SoulLanguage.us

Lauren’s Mo’Mentum sessions are perfect to get your “to dos” done without feeling the stress and pressure of deadlines. I also found that I had more and more great ideas pop up while I worked with her, simply because she is able to get you to clear your clutter from your brain and shift your focus back to what really matters. Lauren, thank you for helping me really get stuff done!
— Nichole Teering, New Path Health
My life, my career and my business would not be where they are today without the support, coaching, guidance and encouragement I’ve received from Lauren over the years since she first started coaching me. Now, she is more than a coach to me, she is a friend, confidant, mentor, mirror, and more. She holds me accountable to my truth and my goals, she facilitates rapid enlightenment and self-discovery for break-throughs and outcomes I would not have thought possible, all while allowing me to discover my own solutions and pathways for action. She’s passionate, vivacious, insightful and bold. She’ll transform you and your business in so many ways. Call her. Call her NOW!
— Justine Bloome, Chief Strategy Officer, Vayner Media
I needed clarity about the level of focus I wanted to put into servicing entrepreneurs vs. taking my services to the corporate marketplace, and the timing of this transition. As Lauren has experience in both worlds, she was able to really understand the choice and the inherent preparation, challenges, and rewards of both market places. In her intuitive, savvy and laser sharp way, she listened intently and focused right into the matter at hand. 

She helped me develop a strategy for bridging the gap between the two, and more importantly, she was able to help me tap into what I truly wanted to do by asking the right questions. Lauren is a very gifted coach, and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.
— Michelle Lange, Owner of M Lange Media
Lauren is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever met during my business career. Her enthusiasm and vivaciousness, matched with her knowledge and business insight, give her a unique perspective and make her a tremendous asset to any organization as a coach and consultant.
— Bill Payne, Director of Sales and Marketing, Lohmann Technologies Corp
Lauren is a high energy out of the box thinker that added great value to my business - and to me personally. She genuinely cares about what she does and suggests solutions that are unique to me - not “off the shelf.” I would definitely work with Lauren again.
— Neil Mairs, President, Solutions Recruiting
I walked away from our Biz Jam with a new outlook on myself and my business and had TANGIBLE tasks to take my business to the next level. I left our call with concrete direction. You are professional, but totally genuine. And your follow up has been completely unexpected and above and beyond.
— Megan Flatt, Run Your Business Like a Mother