Join me for a month of MAGIC and Miracles

In your mind's eye, take a moment to picture your wildest and boldest dreams. Breathe in their inevitability. And savor the feeling you get in your body when you access those desires.

Feels good, doesn't it?

This is the feeling I want to help you learn to cultivate and sustain regularly. It's the feeling that I craved last fall when things felt too womp womp for my tastes. Accessing the state of Miracles and Magic became a personal challenge and turned into an epic quest. 

As I began to unpack my own capacity to make magic and receive miracles, I realized that we all can do this. 

So here we are! 

I invite you to join me on a quest: a Month of Magic and Miracles beginning February 1. 


A bit about the timing: 

February can be a tough month. In many places it's cold; the media reminds us of what we don't have (even if we don't want it); and this year in particular many of us are observing and reacting to a whole new swell of events that trump any we've seen before, no matter which side of the fence we sit on.

The timing is perfect to focus on creating the days we desire, the lives and businesses we desire, the art and relationships we desire, the world we desire. 

And so, that is what we shall do.



The Book of Magic and Miracles

The foundation of our month together is the Book of Magic and Miracles. We'll each make one during this month and it will continue to be a resource for you long after this communal quest ends. 

The Book becomes your own personal handbook, history and treasure map for the future. All you'll need is a blank book or journal (I prefer no lines) and a pen you love. 

We'll be using our books daily so make sure it's something you can't lose sight of!


The Tools

Each weekday of the quest we'll explore a new tool to make magic and receive miracles in our own lives and in the lives of others. 

Some may feel familiar and others will be entirely new. That's ok. The point is that together we are developing routines and rituals that are critical to achieving those dreams that felt so juicy as we imagined them above. I intend for repetition to be a component of these tools and some will build as we go along. 


The Quest

This is for you and about you. But it's also about the impact you have in the world. My greatest intention for this process is that each one of you experience the most magical and miraculous month of your entire lives. 

And that you take the tools you learn and the relationships you build and the goals you achieve to string together subsequent months of magic and miracles- in the face of disaster. In the heat of conflict. In the chaos of loss. In the despair of illness. And in the delight of achievement. In the joy of creation. In the glow of connection. That is, in our day-to-day lives. 



Some details: 

  • A Month of Magic and Miracles is a free event. 
  • It will take only as much time as you would like to give it: a few minutes daily to a half hour if you like. 
  • We'll gather on a private facebook group. 
  • There will be prizes! Gorgeous and lovely prizes.
  • You won't need much other than a pen and a notebook.
  • If you're the type to get crafty, you might want markers/colored pens.
  • The rhythm shall be a morning "role call" of sorts and then an introduction to that day's tool/prompt. These will happen at 10 am EDT Monday-Friday during the month.
  • I like video chats and will host two: one during the first week and one during the last week of our month. Those details will be in the private facebook group.
  • The dates for the quest are February 1 to February 28 but you can join officially at any time. 
  • I like instagram so we'll use this hashtag if you'd like to post images about your quest: #monthofmagicandmiracles 
  • This is a spiritual journey and I welcome all beliefs.