The Magnetism Factor Accelerator

Revving Your Leadership in a Luxurious 1:1 Program to Engage Effortless Audience Attraction


The Magnetism Factor Accelerator is like boot camp for your public persona- you eliminate the distance between who you present to the world and who you actually are. When you are your personal brand, your peeps connect with you more easily, and everything you do becomes more fun, effortless and successful.

After all, you are a leader. You’re in the spotlight.

You don’t want to have to be “on” or “off.” You want to be yourself.

All the time.

From networking and shooting videos to speaking, selling and chilling, you want to be relaxed, at ease, always true to yourself and your values.

Sound amazing?

That’s because it is!

And it’s all about bringing the real you to the forefront.

Sound scary?

It doesn’t have to be. Taking your place in the spotlight can be graceful.




  • Effortlessly connecting with your chosen audience- you get the response you’ve intended; they get the real you.
  • Fulfillment in your work, along with a sense of connection and wholeness related to what you do and why.
  • Comfort with your visibility and your role as a leader; no more ambivalence!
  • Ease in navigating the stage and your life; you no longer have to be “on” all the time.
  • Confidence when choosing projects, partners and clients who value you, not just who you are and who you know.


My Magnetism clients have reported:


  • Skyrocketing income (as much as tripling income after Magnetism work).
  • New romantic relationships or a fresh perspective on the established ones.
  • Greater enjoyment and success in their chosen fields.
  • Promotion to the job of a lifetime.
  • Opportunities to appear on national shows and big stages.
  • Contentment at work and at home.
  • A sense of peace with visibility as well as knowing when it’s time to step away from the limelight.


So, what is this Magnetism Experience I speak of?

I work in a very specific way because both my clients and I like to move quickly. We want maximum impact and efficiency. And we want it feel luxurious at the same time.


Here’s how it all goes down:

First, you start with my exclusive, three-part MQ test that analyzes and quantifies your Magnetism through a series of questionnaires with decades of research behind them.

You’ll learn your default patterns, where your values show up (and where they are less visible), along with the main things driving what you do and why.

Once you’ve completed your MQ Test, you start 1:1 work with me!

It’s fun, experiential and transformative.

We do the majority of our work in two days with three sessions before (to set the stage) and three after (to wrap it up).


What 1:1 on really means:

The two day Accelerator is intense!

But because you’re in my hands (muahhahahahaha) you’re basically at my mercy.

Think: fun, experiential, challenging, emotional (sometimes), and designed both to uncover any lingering junk and to integrate the public persona you’ve created with the rock star you actually are.

And, each and every Accelerator is customized to you.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few experiences from recent Magnetism Intensives (though keep in mind that some experiences are confidential and part of the surprise/spontaneity of the day):


  • An hour of breathing for stage and for life! With breath expert Nicholas Pratley
  • An adventure that pits you against one of your biggest fears.
  • Walking and talking through Central Park.
  • A visit to one of my favorite gurus.
  • FOOD. Um yeah, NYC has amazing food in case you didn’t know…
  • Superstar style- hair/makeup/clothing for the look that represents the real you.
  • 1:1 time with me! (Hello, that’s the best part! Here we identify the most magnetic parts of you and bring them to the forefront.)
  • YOU: On Camera. Yep, some of you will have an opportunity to bring your Magnetic self to the world by taping an interview with me, live, or doing a photo shoot!


Afterwards, we’ll debrief on how that all went, what you still would like to work on, and you get a new reel or photos to showcase to your audience.

Keep in mind this isn’t media training or “camera presence.”

Magnetism is the opposite of a well-crafted persona.

It is embracing the idiosyncrasies of who you really are and bringing that self to the world.


Here’s a partial list of recent VIP clients:

Erika Lyremark, Founder of

Ron Karr, President of the National Speakers Association

Well-known politician (name withheld for privacy)

Steven De Jong, President of Lohmann Technologies Corporation