The solution to systemic violence starts at home

It feels like we’re surrounded by violence. And the violence we’ve been experiencing (mostly, I hope, as bystanders) in our nation and world is tragic. 

Those who commit these violent acts are, in most cases, individuals. Solitary men. (Sorry, dudes, but not so many chicks are involved in mass shootings and terrorist acts.) Men who make a series of decisions that lead them to end the lives of others.

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Even Kanye feels Not Good Enough

Over the weekend Kanye West revealed to the world via twitter that he is $53 million in debt.*

He also revealed that he most likely is mentally ill. I don’t want to armchair psychoanalyze him but I’d say he’s got a heavy dose of clinical narcissism going on.

And because he’s clearly a creature in pain, I don’t want to make fun of him. Instead, we’ll let Stephen Colbert do that.

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Soulful work, EMMA, and the Boston Consulting Group business strategy

A few days ago I posted this on facebook: 

I think the whole cultural phenomenon of "you have to be 100% aligned with your work IN YOUR SOUL" in order to take a project, client or job is doing a lot of folks a disservice. Sometimes you do work that might not be your dream so that it can fund the other stuff and that is ok!

And clearly it struck a chord with people because 94 likes and 21 comments later it got me thinking about my own approach to my work and business and my life...

Here's what I came up with.

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