Even Kanye feels Not Good Enough

Over the weekend Kanye West revealed to the world via twitter that he is $53 million in debt.*

He also revealed that he most likely is mentally ill. I don’t want to armchair psychoanalyze him but I’d say he’s got a heavy dose of clinical narcissism going on.

And because he’s clearly a creature in pain, I don’t want to make fun of him. Instead, we’ll let Stephen Colbert do that.

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Soulful work, EMMA, and the Boston Consulting Group business strategy

A few days ago I posted this on facebook: 

I think the whole cultural phenomenon of "you have to be 100% aligned with your work IN YOUR SOUL" in order to take a project, client or job is doing a lot of folks a disservice. Sometimes you do work that might not be your dream so that it can fund the other stuff and that is ok!

And clearly it struck a chord with people because 94 likes and 21 comments later it got me thinking about my own approach to my work and business and my life...

Here's what I came up with.

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Why Clothes Matter

I love clothes. 

I love their myriad colors, the luscious fabrics. I love how transporting a garment can be. I love looking at bolts of fabric, imagining what they could be sewn into. I love looking at the shops to see what’s available and then making my own mental additions, changes, improvements. I love opening a closet full of only gorgeous colors, patterns and silhouettes.

Clothes make me happy. 

It started when I was a wee one.

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