Autumn Book Club

Oh boy. It’s nearly fall! I looooove the autumn. It’s my fave time of year for so many reasons- snappy weather, the bluest skies and fall leaves, cozy sweaters, new beginnings, learning.

The natural world is preparing for hibernation but before it does, wow do we get a show.

After the delight that was this summer’s impromptu book club, I decided to make it a more regular thing.

So you are cordially invited to join me for this Autumn Book Club for entrepreneurs.

Here’s what we’ll be reading:

September: The Untethered Soul* by Michael A. Singer

October: Wise Child by Monica Furlong

November: Callings by Gregg Levoy

Now, a bit about each book and then some of the logistics of the club.

The book club is for discovering new approaches for growth and for providing a space where we can come together to share our insights and ahas about the texts we read. I pay attention to the order and subject matter so there’s intention behind it. For example, this autumn we’ll be looking at what it means to be boundary-free, not operating from limits and beliefs then move into an exploration of magic and purpose and finally round it out with a beautiful approach to finding meaning in your work/life.

The Untethered Soul we are reading mainly bc over the years I have loved Shenee’s posts about it. And I love me some spiritual insights that we can weave into both our lives and our business journeys. It’s also a nice cover. LOL.

Wise Child is a book that is actually out of print but when you get your hands on one of the paperbacks, you will not regret it. It is our first work of fiction but there are sooooo many reasons we are reading this book. We can learn much from Juniper and from Wise Child’s journey about conditioning and possibility and magic.

Callings is a beautiful book for anyone who desires to give and receive more from their work life than just time exchanged for a paycheck. (and that’s everyone reading my site, right?)

Okie, logistics.

We’ll meet three Tuesdays this fall. The third Tues of each month at 12 pm on zoom. I record all our sessions and will send links to you via email.

You can participate as much or as little as you like. Sign up is below!

*Shout out to my client Shenee for this selection bc she loves it (just look at her fb) and I’m finally going to read it.

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