Virtual Joy|Money Matrix Retreat is on!


Chatting with my friend and colleague Aliza Rose (of the Business Mystic) the other day, we were talking about energy- our own and that of the universe. I certainly feel different vibes at different times of each month and throughout the year. 

For example, in the autumn I always love the fresh rush of energy to implement that September seems to bring me. 

And in the winter it is a time to hibernate a bit, to nurture a slower rhythm and take good care. In our culture, the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas does always feel bustling with excitement and social gatherings and businesses of all kinds are in full swing- especially those involved in retail; but shortly after the delight of the holidays, I have always felt more calm, reflective and intuitive. 

Specifically, the week after Christmas and before the New Year (a liminal time indeed) feels sacred to me.

Most of the western world takes a time out, many of us are off of work and we feel we have the permission to do what we wish. 

Five years ago, I even hosted an intimate retreat at my then-home in Virginia to cultivate the juicy goodness of that liminal space. We did yoga, we made plans, we danced and we laughed. It was a delicious day with fellow entrepreneurs and it felt so good to share that experience. 

Aliza Rose would say that the fall energies (up to Christmas time) are ideal for launching and being active but that once we've passed that holiday and veer towards January, we start to enter a gorgeous time for reflection, dreaming, and planning. 

So it's with great joy that I announce a virtual Joy|Money Matrix retreat on Thursday December 28 and Friday December 29, 10 am to 2 pm eastern. 

This retreat is completely free to those who have a Joy|Money Matrix Box and all licensees. I'll be hosting one complimentary virtual retreat each quarter for my JMM box holders. 

I will be leading you through the process and our analysis will focus on planning for Q1 with healthy doses of creativity, some breath/movement/meditation and of course JOY. 

Don't have your box yet? Get one here!!

Please note, you must place your order by December 15 in order to receive your box in time for the retreat. Thank you!