Video: How to network without being creepy

I was excited yesterday to find the video recorded of my talk at Tech Cocktail in Las Vegas! is a source of news about all things tech and the founders (and now husband and wife) Frank and Jen are pretty cool peeps. They up and moved their media company to Las Vegas just a few months ago to take part of all that's going on in Downtown Vegas.

If you're not familiar with the Downtown Project, it's an ambitious $350 million experiment funded by Tony Hsieh from Zappos. I stayed there for a few days in November and had the chance to do a startup crawl, visit with some of the companies that are now HQ there and see the brand spanking new Zappos offices.

I have a pretty strong opinion about what's going on out there- some positive and some not so positive. I'll think about whether or not to put it out there but rest assured that interesting things keep popping up in Downtown Vegas because of it. (Personally I can't wait til they take delivery of the 100(!) Teslas for the car share program. Maybe they can loan them to SXSW for March...)

Anyhoodle, watch my vid! Yeah!