Currently Obsessed With: MOOGOO

Dude, where's my cow? Besides the fact that I dreamt of a cow last night, I just really need to share with you my new obsession. It's called MooGoo- natural skincare for sensitive or troubled skin.

Not only is their product AMAZING but also their marketing/CX is pretty awesome too.

Let's talk product first.

HOLY HAIR/SKIN CATASTROPHES AVERTED! MooGoo product is the bomb for these reasons:

1. I kept getting a flaky scalp. (Gross right? But I'm doing this- sharing my experience- because I love you. And because drugstore dandruff shampoos are bogus.) There are a zillion different reasons you might have a flaky scalp. Psoriasis, overuse of product, climate change, too much sugar in your diet, a fungus on your scalp, excess oil production, etc.

If you were to go see a doctor (and you should if you have maj issues and I'm not a doctor nor can I diagnose or provide guidance on any illness), he/she would prolly give you some Rx stuff to get rid of that shizzle. And it might work for a while but then stop working.

Or you would be trying at home remedies like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, or hydrogen peroxide. You know, hypothetically.

All I know is that I returned from Vegas with a crazy case of what my model friend calls "Cradle Cap." Like babies. She says all the models get it bc of the stress, lack of nutrition, crazy hair styling. (So then I felt like a model, which was a plus, instead of feeling like one of those weird dudes with greasy roots and flakes on his shoulders from the 90s Head&Shoulders commercials.)

What's a girl to do? Of course I let my fingers do the walking...and found MooGoo- a super great skin care line from Australia. I promptly ordered practically the entire product lineup because I also forgot to mention that I am a Highly Sensitive Person* and as such my skin FREAKS OUT on the regular.

What that meant recently (thank you sweltering NYC July) was a not-so-cute rash. Apparently I'm allergic to sweat.**

So after not too long (considering it ships from AUSTRALIA where many magical things happen) I received a delightful box of MooGoo products!

In my box were:

1. The Scalp cream

2. Strawberry tinted lip balm

3. 3 Vitamin Eye serum (for combatting fine lines!)

4. Gentle Shampoo

5. MSM lotion (for the rash!)

6. SPF 15 lip balm that's safe enough to eat

and prolly some other stuff too. They also GIFTED me with: another Strawberry Lip Balm, sample size of conditioner (mmmm I love it), and some Psoriasis/Rosacea Balm.

Here are my results: scalp? Smooth and shiny, no redness or irritation, zero flakes after not very many uses (4 or 5). Rash is nearly gone after only a handful of lotion applications. Loving my lip balms, ADORE the shampoo/conditioner combo and otherwise very happy to have these things on hand for when/if my skin decides to go haywire again.

Now, if you actually have psoriasis, eczema, or other skin conditions, I imagine this stuff is a god send. BUY IT NOW. (I'm not being paid to write this.)

On the marketing/CX front, MooGoo has got it down.

#1. Brand messaging, consistency, quirk. Their customer service emails come from one "Concerned Cow." How cute is that? When you put something in your cart online, you "mooooove it into your cart." Their website is all kinds of cuteness including a daisy, green grass that surely looks like cow snacks, and clever use of puns like herd/heard.

#2. GIFTS! They put extra goodies in my shipment. Need I say more? I really do. I've ordered stuff from other places and their samples are SO CHINTZY. These were amazing (tho to be fair I ordered about $100 worth of product), larger sized samples and in one case a full size duplicate of something else. (How did they know I'd lose the first strawberry lip balm so fast?)

#3. They cared about my package! I let the box languish at the USPS down on Canal St. without realizing. The Concerned Cow was on it- giving me the tracking number and even a friendly reminder to pick it up.

The verdict? Great branding, CX, product. I LOVE MOOGOO! 

*How on earth is it possible that I've neglected to mention this part of life? And note that most of my clients also classify as HSPs? I will write more on this, promise. Once you embrace it, it changes your life. But the outside world will still be too bright, loud, hot, cold, stimulating, etc, you'll just know how to deal with it better. Ok back to post.

**I realize this is an epic post of TMI. Again I do this because I love you. If I'm googling things for skin rashes, dry scalp (ohhh the stigma!) then you might be too. And I really want to save you from the hideous images that emerge courtesy of google from that search. Avert your eyes, seriously.