Wherein I namecheck Miley, invite you to my home, and say "speaking of strip clubs"

**Real quicklike: This was my newsletter earlier today. Apparently some of you enjoyed it so I'm posting it here for entertainment and edification. Hey you hottie (dare I say hotter than Miley Cyrus gyrating with a foam #1 hand?)!!!!

I have some funtimes things for you.

First and foremost, Justin* and I concur that Robin (Robert?) Thicke's video "Blurred Lines" is hysterical, weird, and not misogynistic.** Plus, WHO CAN FORGET THE HASHTAG IN AN ERA WHEN EVERYONE'S HASHTAGGING?

Well played, Pater #Thicke.

Miley's litte performance was, well, a reminder that strip clubs are alive and well. Also, just want to note that I sent out KEATS and Walcott poems to my TGIM list yesterday...ah what a difference a day makes!***

Speaking of strip clubs, they're masters at making the sale (check out Erika Lyremark if you need the biz part broken down for you.) No really, once you're in the club they upsell you continuously (food, dances, drinks, etc).

Which brings me to the salient point of this email:


Content Strategy/Customer EXperience/Conversion are all related. 



But how, you ask?

Because every touch point you have with your customer is an opportunity to create an emotional experience as well as an opportunity to convert.

So how do brands with multiple points of entry and engagement systematically craft emotion-driven CX, combine it with content and ultimately achieve conversion that meanwhile delivers a transformative experience for the customer?

Fortunately, the answer occurred to me- and it's so much simpler than we thought!

It's called Freytag's Pyramid and it's the narrative arc that serves as a structure for plays, movies and novels. It's the underpinning of most drama we see played out.

Now, you might be thinking that your biz is not so much about drama...

It really is. As business people we want to empower our clients to make an emotionally-driven decisions about our products/services and we also want to gift them with our faboo content so that they can experience at least a little taste of those products/services before they buy.

We're part of their story. Their drama, if you will.

SO, if you're getting really excited for fall, the new "school year" and you're wanting to craft something unconventional and incredible for your peeps, I invite you to join me for a workshop on CX and Content Strategy.

In it, we're going to take the bombness that is Freytag's Pyramid, layer over it the massive transformation that your work provides your customers, and ultimately emerge with your quarterly and annual CX and content strategy over all media touch points so that you too can convey your quirk, invite people into your process, empower them to choose you, and enjoy a healthier biz as a result.

Mosey over here to learn more and sign up.




*Justin is my man. He is over 45 and English. Therefore he generally disdains all American pop culture. Our agreement on this matter is noteworthy. And footnote worthy.

**On the not misogynistic note, I'm really excited to report that an amazing female tech CEO is creating a program for Las Vegas young women- it'll teach them how to code, start businessess, and otherwise realize their own badassery off the pole. This is exciting! We really live in a world where most anything is possible.

(Can a footnote have a footnote? B/c if it can, then you need to see Michelle Phan as example #1 of what is possible. Nearly 750 MILLION hits on youtube for her makeup tutorials. Perhaps we'll break down the why later. But really it's about Content and Consistency!!!)


***Highbrow, lowbrow- I love good poetry as well as good pop culture. It's nice to mix it up.