Currently Obsessed With: Wisteria & Sunshine

daisiesgreylinebrightOk this is mostly for the ladies, but if you're overwhelmed by everyone's attempts to corral you into a membership program and it feels inauthentic and there's not that much heft to the membership and it's otherwise kinda cheesy, I invite you to explore Wisteria  & Sunshine. Creator Lesley Austin calls it a "private sanctuary to give you the encouragement to live a gentler life." Um, yes please.

The interior of the site feels like meandering through a sweet cottage garden, opening doors to sun-filled rooms, smelling the roses. I go there, literally, for a breather. Imagine gorgeous illustrations, inspiring (not cliched) quotes, Lesley's musings on things ranging from yoga and healthy food to green cleaning materials and her amazing concept: the Day Book.

Her themes? Wild simplicity and deep domesticity.

This. Is. Good.

How she manages to communicate those things on the interwebs is (I think) a thing of beauty and lesson in content creation too, btw.

Go here to learn more about Wisteria and Sunshine. 


The community is named after a passage in the book/movie Enchanted April.