Why I believe timing is always perfect

15-minute-hour-glassIf you, like me, have a lot of plates spinning and you're really excited about the next steps and seeing your baby ideas grow up into toddlerhood and then full fledged adolescent ideas and you are constantly in motion but also set crazy compressed deadlines for yourself and your team... Well, I have some advice.

JUST (inhale) BREATHE (exhale)

Simple, right?

But it actually requires something really interesting (besides a diaphragm willing to function and some shoulders that will let go of their stranglehold on your trapezius muscles and ribs that will expand and expand and keep on expanding...)

Being able to breathe in the midst of all your plate spinning and running around and generative activities requires a shift in perspective.

I call it Perfect Timing. I momentarily lost sight of it the past few weeks when my sales rep got called (and selected!) for jury duty and some dude who is super in the design world sublet the apt (that needed to be cleaned and decluttered), and I had 300 boxes of damp cardboard in my office to ship stuff and, and, and!

No doubt you all could add your own breathless to-do list to this run-on flurry of Things That Must Be Done ASAP. 

But then, this morning, after a fitfull night's sleep (don't believe them when they say it's decaf!), I realized that whatever I get done today in my groggy state will be perfect. Enough. More than enough.

Because I believe in Perfect Timing. Ahhhh.

You see, the Not Enough Time syndrome that follows when you make your list of Things That Must Be Done ASAP is a cousin to good old fashioned Not Enough.

And guess what?

The basis of Not Enough Time syndrome is your garden variety lack.

It's fear that you won't Accomplish Something in the Right Timingfor it to make all the difference in the world.

It's panic that you won't Get Shizzle Done in time to generate the money or the prestige or the success you think you need.

But really, if we do our part, the rest of the world does its party, including slow down and allow things to happen in their own beautifully unfolding way.

When I was a kid I wanted the roses in our garden to bloom SO badly. I ripped the tight buds open and cried when I realized I had ruined the flower. I thought I knew best.* But I had disrupted nature's own Perfect Timing.

Today, I invite you to explore where you can allow things to unfold a tad more.

What would you do differently if you truly believe in Perfect Timing?

Tell me! Tell me!



*Apparently my controlling tendencies began early.

P.S. And now: if you've been thinking about my perfume, I just want to let you know that the price is dropping BUT you'll be getting less product. Right now, it's $78 for one full ounce of solid perfume. (I just discovered this size is unheard-of in the fragrance world.) So to make mine more in line with what's out there, I'm dropping the love perfume balm to .3 ounces (still considered extra large in the perfume market) and lowering the price to $48.

But aha my pets! You do math and realize that is NOT actually savings! So what I'm telling you is get your one ounce for $78 before it's replaced by the new size. (it will look the same.)