TGIM/GUOTD COMBO: What's your present? Presence!


YES- not only do you get Thank God It's Monday, but also you receive (for the same low low price) Get-Up Of The Day!

It's true.

And now for our regularly scheduled program...

You know those times when you feel in flow? When the world is clicking, when time is simultaneously standing still and flying by (but certainly not dragging)?

When your monkey mind's typical fretting, obsessing and judging subside, at least for a moment?

Ah, I know! I totally gave away the goods in the title, but you see I just couldn't help it.

The reason is this: the present you give to yourself and to those around you (and to every dream you have ever had) is, in a word, presence.


Imagine if you brought your whole self to the day to day moments, more often than not. What might happen? What could unfold?

For me, when I am present, I feel relaxed, engaged, open, curious about others, less self-conscious about what people think about me, more intuitive, as well as energetic.


When I'm not present (that is, when I'm doing mental exercises in my mind or otherwise checked out), I end up being anxious, tense, totally self-conscious, second guessing my words/actions/feelings, it shuts down my intuition, and I feel tired.


Soooo, this Monday, how 'bout being a little bit more Now, Here instead of nowhere?


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