GUOTD: Biznass Casual in San Diego

I can't help but think of Ron Burgundy every time I say "San Diego." When my little brother and I watched Anchorman at Southpoint movie theatre in Durham, NC circa 2004, I believe we were the only people laughing. You'd think that in a region with the highest per capita number of PHDs that they'd understand satire.

Fortunately for me, I took a class in high school called Satire & Comedy from one Tom Regan. And I am forever grateful. I now know the joys of such master satirists as Evelyn Waugh and Laurence Sterne as a result.


Note to self: MUST re-read said authors' respective oeuvres as am having difficulty detecting sarcasm of late. 


With that, I turn to my get-up of the day from the Loewes Coronado Island, where as a nod to the many boats around, I donned my version of nautical chic. Never mind that I spent my entire trip inside a hotel ballroom (albeit absorbing massive biz-building info).