Do NOT Quit Your Day Job! (from James Altucher)

I get this question a lot from friends and clients. I go through their pros/cons, their cash flow, etc.

And it's good to know where you are and what you need to live. But ultimately, even the most idiotic bravest of us need cash to exist in this world. Some people like the idea of a challenge (I think that's me) and are willing to put themselves on the line to generate cash from whence there was none.


Others, and I think this is the vast majority of the world, would prefer to have some steady flow before making the leap into full fledged entrepreneurdom.


That said, here's a great and simple way to answer that really big question that so many start up entrepreneurs have:

(from go there after you read everything on my blog. hahahaha.)


MrJNowlin Jesse Nowlin asks: build startup on the side slowly, or quit day job get funding and move faster?


DO NOT leave the day job. BY the time I left my day job I was totally able to duplicate my income with my startup. I did not suffer one decrease. I had about 10 clients, including my day job, and I was able to juggle the startup with the day job by giving up on social life. I hired all my friends at either my day job or my startup.