Because it's cool to be silly! Quan & Lauren in the "Meditation" Room at Gold's Gym circa 2009




I had a request from my little brother to dig this one out of the archives. (I'm still not sure why he asked about it? Nate- holler at me.) When I watched I realized HOW MUCH FUN IT IS TO BE SILLY!


We adults are waaaaay too serious sometimes. Making up dance routines might not be your bag. Perhaps you like costumes. Or coloring.


As for our tour de force choreographed dance,

First, notice that we (I) don't know the moves.

Second, if you look closely, you'll see that I am sporting a boot on my left foot because I broke it sometime that summer. Which means I probably shouldn't have been dancing.

Third, the short Asian and tall (really) white chick are clearly a match made in hip hop heaven.

When was the last time you didn't take yourself so seriously? I hope it wasn't circa 2009...