In Memoriam: Grandma Fritsch

This morning nearly the entire Fritsch family gathered in Port Richey FL to honor the life and legacy of Mary Fritsch, her husband Marvin, and her son Edmond. I wanted to share this photo of Grandma and Grandpa from their wedding day, July 3, 1941. They were married 65 years when Grandpa passed away, and she lived to celebrate her 92nd birthday this September

. Certainly this time of year reminds us to focus on what's truly important: family, friends, faith, and food :)

This picture gives you a glimpse of the fun-loving woman who was courted by her future husband over many a friday night at the dance hall in East Detroit. Days before her death, she still had those amazing cheekbones and wanted to listen to (and sing along with!) Frank Sinatra and other standards.