Under Construction: Dream Loft is Getting an Upgrade!

Good morning!! And happy Friday! TGIF say I.

And to celebrate this gorgeous fall day, I'm posting what's been going on here at the Dream Loft all week long.

It's been a revolving door of men, loud music, and weird sounds.

Noooo, not that kind of revolving door.

My new buddies Freddie and Tommy have been going to town on various Dream Loft improvement projects.

As some of you may know, I've been out of town most of the past five months.

Now that I'm home, it's nesting time!

Painting, making my home more fun,and otherwise spiffing it up.

To that end, the door to my roof deck is (freaking finally) in process.

The windows are getting sealed, plumbing fixed and other little pesky things taken care of.

Stay tuned for fun decor stuff too. SO MUCH FUN!!!!