Jungle Ready: Leopard Pants/Safari Vest

You remember that song you sang in elementary school music class: "I'm going to the jungle...."

You know, where you rub your hands together to make the sound of going through the grasses and pat your hands on the ground to make the sound of running? Or was that raining....?

Yeah, I'm singing that one in my head.

With my gold metallic safari jacket at the ready, I can take anything the jungle throws my way. Even leopard print pants!

There's trail mix in them thar pockets.

And snake bite antidote.


Current/Elliot jeans (I bought both tan and grey color options this summer but just realized they came out with BLACK AND RED. holler.) if you get them, size down a jeans size.

Stay tuned for a post: Leopard Three Ways hahahahaha.

JCrew metallic wedge sandals

Lauren Ralph Lauren metallic safari jacket

Forever 21 earrings

Rebecca Taylor sheer top worn over Target puff sleeve T

Belt from somewhere...Anthro perhaps?  And swagger that money just can't buy.