I attended Lauren’s Startup Leadership and Management Workshop at SXSW Vision2Venture. Her workshop alone was worth the price of the entire ticket!
— James La Barrie, Founder of Beyond Marketing

Major Topics:

How to use Luxury Selling Skills in Non-Luxury Industries to Boost your Bottom Line

  • Get inside the luxury selling mindset to deliver a different sales experience regardless of your industry and product.
  • Learn the basics for a luxurious process with high conversion and loyalty.


Mastering Customer Experience to Master Your Sales

  • Craft a specific customer experience before your customer buys as well as after to transform your sales funnel.
  • Adopt the best practices of engaging with potential buyers to generate sales.


Magnetic Leadership: The Key Components to Winning the Hearts and Minds of your Colleagues and Customers

Discover what makes a magnetic leader and the crucial elements that you can cultivate in order to be a more effective executive.


Magnetic Networking: How to create meaningful professional and personal relationships

Learn, practice and implement the internal and external changes to transform your networking.


Meditate to Innovate: Fostering Mindfulness that leads to Profitability

  • Learn why contemplative practices (not necessarily sitting still) can help your teams generate creative ideas, work together better as a group, and improve their health.
  • Participants practice and learn several options to try out on site.


Luxurious and Emotional CX: Creating a customer experience that keeps them coming back for more

  • Learn the exact CX process that informs content, marketing, sales, delivery, and loyalty life cycles.
  • Adopt a model that allows you to pre-engineer all customer touch points for desired outcomes. 


How NOT to suck as a CEO: Effective Startup Leadership and Management

  • Gives new startup leaders a roadmap for leading their companies through early growth stages.
  • Covers vision and purpose, strategy, as well as processes for people and product.
At the inaugural SXSW Vision2Venture Conference in Las Vegas, August 2014

At the inaugural SXSW Vision2Venture Conference in Las Vegas, August 2014