Hi! I'm Lauren, and I created this master class to teach other entrepreneurs how I have successfully won corporate contracts over the past seven years.


I love helping solo entrepreneurs, but I must say that while I still work with a handful of small biz owners, the majority of my revenue comes from bigger companies. 


Fortunately, this is a wonderful time to be a vendor to small, medium and even large sized corporations- if you know how to navigate that world. 


I've barely had a job my entire life (I've been an employee for approximately nine months as an adult) so I don't have a corporate background and don't come from a traditional 9-5 workplace.


I don't have an MBA and didn't work at a top five consulting firm. 


And yet multi-national companies with huge revenues pay the same (or more) for my services as they would pay for a team from (to use a recent example) Price Waterhouse Coopers.

(Seriously, someone just told me that my hourly rate meets or exceeds that of PWC!?) 


I want this master class to set you up for rapid success in your chosen market, whether you're brand new to corporate or just looking to boost your revenue in this space. 


What I have learned through nine years of entrepreneurialism, a slew of clients, and well over $100k in continuing education, I'm distilling down for you in this Master Class. 


So in a 90 minute broadcast (yes folks that means it was recorded live), I'll teach you the same tools (both soft skills and hard skills) that have helped me earn over $1 million from the corporate market.


This Master Class expands on my free training (click to sign up if you haven't gone through it yet) by covering the most important pieces of working with corporate:

1. How to find your clients (the decision makers) fast

2. How to get your potential clients to pay attention to you and your work

3. How to set up your sale for success (this is the most overlooked part of selling into corporate)


I'll also go over:

  • The three costly mistakes entrepreneurs make when they begin to sell to the corporate market
  • The number one essential skill you MUST possess in order to be successful in this business
  • The elements you should have in place before you start your business and what you can do without


I can't wait to share all this info with you! 


And if you need a little prodding, here's one participant said about a workshop I taught at SXSW: 

Lauren’s 90 minute workshop was worth the entire $1000 ticket!
— James La Barrie, Founder of Beyond Marketing

Don't worry, though. I'm not charging huge amounts for Master Classes.

For only $98 you receive unlimited access to the video replay, the slides used during the class, as well as the audio. I'm committed to these Master Classes being packed full of actionable content that you can use immediately.  

Ready to rock and roll with landing lucrative corporate clients?


Get access to the Master Class now!