This 10 part series gives you the info to get started on (or get better at) building your business by landing contracts with corporations. 

Perfect for: coaches, consultants, speakers, yogis, event planners, stylists, communications experts, designers/creatives, and more. 

You might be surprised by all the different vendors that corporations need to get business done. And if you're not currently selling to them, then you are missing out on some seriously fun (and well-paying) clients. 

In this training I spill the beans on how I've landed more than $1 million in new business from corporate. 


Voice Dialog: One of the most powerful tools for transformation

Whenever I'm gearing up for next-level shifts, I know that I'll bump up against my success ceiling. And one of the best ways I've found to move through my resistance to growth is Voice Dialog. I've written a super-candid blog post about my own Voice Dialog process. Go here to read it.