Sketchy No More!


My very own Strategy Sketch Session

Strategy Sketch Sessions are the only way I work 1:1 with clients these days. They look like this: 

  • Two 60 minute sessions spaced apart by a week, max four weeks. 
  • You fill out a comprehensive questionnaire prior to the first session to give me context and ensure that we're jumping straight into things (in medias res, if you will) and are able to speak the same language from our first minute together.
  • During the session, I make graphic notes to organize all the ideas, strategies, concepts. Sometimes we finagle copy and even branding elements! 
  • In between the first and second sessions, you take action on what we've identified are your areas of focus. 
  • After your sessions, you receive the digital sketch images and recordings of our chats. Then I mail you the print sketch tied up with an actual bow! 

Strategy Sketch Sessions are $795 with payment plans available. To book please click below. Keep scrolling if you are the type who needs more info. 

You might be wondering why I choose to work with entrepreneurs and executives this way as it's counter to the advice that most of the gurus give regarding how to build a coaching biz. Well, I tell you, after over 12 years in this business, I've come to understand how I work best and the types of clients who experience the greatest results with me. Here's what I've learned: 

1. We both value speed, progress and results. So I purposefully created the Strategy Sketch Sessions to offer massive value so that you can make decisions and move forward quickly. Strategy Sketch Sessions are short, actionable, full of ahas! and generate results. 

2. You're not broken. Sometimes coaching/consulting can get personal- and that's something I welcome! But I'm not here to fix you because you don't need fixing. Moreover, I think you actually know what you need to do- deep down. You just might need a little help to dig in there and remember. (That's my job!)

3. You don't need a weekly chat (with me) for months on end to achieve your goals and provide accountability. You have colleagues and systems for that. I'm here to help you get from one level to the next (or several beyond even that!) via smart, foward-thinking and innovative approaches and connections to my network based on my experiences during over a decade in business. 

4. We take a holistic approach. I'm not a fb ads master or guru in SEO. What I am skilled at: helping you see where you have opportunities and liabilities in your business related to your product/service mix, hiring/firing, leadership, branding, sales strategy and then deciding which are your priorities for maximizing ROI and delight (ROE if you will) for you and your team. 


Just One example

of a recent Strategy Sketch Session


And another one

It's a money tree! 

If you're looking for a little insight into what it is like to work with me, please visit the Praise page.

If you're curious about my background, you can find out more on my About and Projects pages. 

**Please note that the $795 includes domestic and international shipping of your completed Strategy Sketch(es).