:: Do you feel like a solo-entrepreneur who's constantly reinventing the wheel and wish this could all be easier?

:: Are you worried that you don't have enough revenue to hire the right talent to help you grow?

:: Is your to-do list growing like crazy but it doesn't feel like you can add anything more to your schedule?


If you're a busy business owner with a growing company, chances are that you occasionally feel overwhelmed. I know that feeling all too well.

Over the years of coaching and consulting for companies with revenues from $50k to over $50 million, I've watched CEOs at every single level struggle with growth.

The challenges of getting bigger, expanding your product lines, adding head count (or just hiring your first employee) can be enough to keep you from taking those next steps.

But you can experience expansion with ease.

I designed this workshop to walk you through the crucial elements that facilitate expansion.

The workshop is based on the consulting and coaching work I've done that has:

  • Helped a 30 million dollar company place the right people in the right positions
  • Created a remote team for a solo entrepreneur so that she could focus on what she does best
  • Assessed the capabilities of a CEO so that he knew which skill sets he needed to improve or add and which ones he could hire for
  • Allowed me to run two businesses simultaneously (with a third in the wings)
  • Empowered a sales team to drive revenue and become an INC 5000 company
  • Coached a solo entrepreneur to diversify her streams of income, hire an assistant, and achieve her longtime goals

This kind of approach to growth used to be available only to companies willing to pay a hefty consulting fee to an outside consulting firm that can never fully understand the ins and outs of your own business.

Not only could the price tag on this kind of change management consulting be prohibitive for small business owners, but also the time it takes from project start to completion means that you don't always see results for months...or years.

Instead I realized that small business owners could implement in their own companies many of the same structures, assessments, strategic plans and lessons that I've used for years to achieve success for my corporate clients.

Only now you don't need to hire a consulting firm to do it.

Be the CEO gives you access to the very same tools I've used to help $50 million companies grow and teaches you how to do it much more rapidly.

I created the Be the CEO workshop to give savvy business owners the opportunity to work through some of their biggest growth challenges in a systematic way.

By the end of our day together, you'll leave with:

  • A reconnection to your own values and mission in your business- vital elements to know before choosing the right support team.
  • A working knowledge of the seven hats CEOs may wear, which hats you prefer and to whom you can delegate the rest
  • The ability to do the delegation dance- the art and science of prioritizing and passing on tasks
  • Which productivity tools are must-haves for you and your team
  • The ten types of help you need as an entrepreneur
  •  Your favorite working style and why knowing that will transform the way you do business
  • The three key elements you must master in order to be a successful leader
  • Strategic planning tools for CEOs
  • How high is your Success Ceiling - what to do when you're bumping up against it

This workshop gives us an opportunity to work through each concept in real time so that you have the chance to ask questions, engage with fellow business owners, and implement what you are learning immediately.

Here's what some of my clients (with businesses big and small) have to say about our work together:

justinebloome“My life, my career and my business would not be where they are today without the support, coaching, guidance and encouragement I’ve received from Lauren over the years since she first started coaching me. Now, she is more than a coach to me, she is a friend, confidant, mentor, mirror, and more. She holds me accountable to my truth and my goals, she facilitates rapid enlightenment and self-discovery for break-throughs and outcomes I would not have thought possible, all while allowing me to discover my own solutions and pathways for action. She’s passionate, vivacious, insightful and bold. She’ll transform you and your business in so many ways. Call her. Call her NOW!”

- Justine Bloome, Partner in the Village Agency (an Australian experiential advertising agency)


Inc-5000-150x150“Lauren is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever met during my business career. Her enthusiasm and vivaciousness, matched with her knowledge and business insight, give her a unique perspective and makes her a tremendous asset to any organization as a coach and consultant.”

- Bill Payne, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lohmann Technologies, an INC 5000 company with offices worldwide



neilmairs“Lauren is a high energy out of the box thinker who added great value to my business – and to me personally. She genuinely cares about what she does and suggests solutions that are unique to me – not “off the shelf.” I would definitely work with Lauren again.”

- Neil Mairs, President of Solutions Recruiting in Culpeper, VA




Lauren is a multi-talented business owner who’s marched to the beat of her own (very stylish) drum since she quit her first (and last) real job in 2004. She is one of the only life coaches who makes six figures via her boutique coaching firm; she maintains acorporate coaching company that specializes in sales and marketing strategies (that generate massive profits for small privately held companies); and she pretty much rocks at teaching yoga, writing and throwing parties. We have masterminded our businesses together for nearly three years, and she continues to impress me with her creativity, massive bandwidth and ability to help others execute their vision. She is one of my key thought partners.

- Racheal Cook, the Yogipreneur and creator of Conscious Business Design in Richmond, VA


nicholeLauren's unique approach to goal-setting helped me achieve my goals without feeling stressed or worried. She gave me momentum in my business, encouraged me through the process of hiring staff, and helped me identify and build out several different revenue models. I'm so glad that we worked together.

- Nichole Teering, Doctor of Eastern Medicine, nutrition expert and yoga teacher, Calgary, CA





This workshop includes a 30 minute bonus class with my friend and colleague- operations expert Amber McCue of NiceOps.com and creator of Clone Camp.

Amber is going to give us some of her core teaching about easy systems to implement so that we literally feel like we've cloned ourselves.

(I'm really excited to hear this stuff!)


So if you're ready to get of the treadmill of putting out fires and owning every single project in your business, then I invite you to join me for the Be the CEO workshop.

To be clear, this workshop is for:

  • Small business owners who want to learn the mindset of successful CEOs
  • Solopreneurs who are ready to expand
  • Business owners with a handful of contractors and employees who are pushing up against the "Success Ceiling"

This workshop is NOT for:

  • Small business owners who only desire a "lifestyle" business
  • Entrepreneurs who want to blame vendors and contractors for mistakes, missed deadlines and deliverables
  • Those looking for a magic bullet to making more money without doing the foundational work that supports more cash flow

I've created this workshop to be effective whether you choose to participate in-person or virtually. Virtual attendees will be able to engage using social media and will have a dedicated tech person during the day to ensure seamless interaction with the in-person attendees.

Your half day workshop includes:

  • PDFs of exercises covered in the course
  • Four hours of hands-on instruction
  • Snacks and drinks (for the in person peeps)
  • A mini swag bag of fun goodies to go (for both in person and virtual)
  • Closing cocktails to network with other attendees
  • A complimentary half hour strategy session with Lauren


Your investment for the Be the CEO workshop is $350 or three easy payments of $120


Become the CEO

July 24 10 AM to 4 pm EDT with one hour lunch break

Live in NYC and streamed worldwide