Sometimes you just need a clean slate... Do you have a Business (and life) with Style?


In this introduction to creating a business and life with strategy, style and soul, we'll uncover how you're doing on the nine areas that comprise a stylin' business/life.

They are:

  1. Presence (speaking, energy, body language)
  2. Magnetism (your innate strengths and unique gifts)
  3. Content (speaking, copy on web and marketing collateral, content marketing including videos)
  4. Leadership (mission, vision, values)
  5. Brand (logo, visuals, color palette, signature elements)
  6. Wellness (high performance routines for mind and body)
  7. Appearance (hair, clothing, accessories, makeup)
  8. Relationships (personal, professional and with self)
  9. Sustainable Growth (strategic planning for healthy expansion)

My guess is that you already know the areas above where you're content and where you might be slacking off (or straight up ignoring).

And that's ok. The purpose of the Beautiful Business Makeover is tri-fold: awareness, prioritization, action.

You'll start with my MQ Test (that's Magnetism Quotient for the uninitiated) and follow that up with a self-paced process to examine how you show up in the nine elements of strategic, soulful style. During that exploration, you'll receive some clutch video reinforcement along with a handful of reading/audio assignments.

Please don't think of it as homework (groan) but as home actions that get you closer to your goals . (Perhaps best selling author, world-renowned speaker, respected CEO...)


90 minute Business Style strategy session

You emerge with:

The top three priorities for your business's holistic strategy, style and soul

The results of your Magnetism Quotient TM test and the key elements that enhance your Magnetism along with the crucial blind spots (good news: they're usually easy changes) that detract from your Magnetism

What you need to add (or remove) from your routine for optimal performance as an entrepreneur

A strategic map with customized step-by-step actions to tweak (or completely overhaul) your Business Style

Why this? Why now?

We live in an increasingly sophisticated world where consumers, peers and media keep upleveling. More and more business owners recognize the importance of brand (of course) as well as embodying their brands.